Geneviève Langlois

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Montreal born-Toronto based artist, Genevieve Langlois immediately made a great impression on the contemporary art scene. Langlois has been in the arts for over twenty years spanning the performing arts to the visual arts, now devoting all her time to her canvas. As a self-taught artist, the depth and strength of her female subjects have attracted both private and public art collectors nation wide.

Langlois is fascinated with the power of femininity and it is this theme that drives the majority of her work.  Her work ranges from evoking tenderness to sensuality to playfulness. Her whimsical compositions use colour , line and gestural techniques to evoke emotion in the viewer.

Langlois’s representational abstractions carefully balances expressive lines of colour, using paint strokes and gestural pencil markings to highlight the sensuality and energetic movements of her figures. Whether it’s capturing a horse racing or a dancer, her artwork is intimate and confident, vulnerable and innovative.

Notable galleries include Galerie Luz and Galerie du Viaduc in Montreal.

She has also recently been accepted to create art work for CBC’s television series This Life.

Hazelton Galleries is currently representing her work exclusively in Canada and will be soon exhibiting her artworks internationally.

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